Hornyphon Hornyetta

Our little Hornyetta from Hornyphon is probably one of the cutest radios in our portfolio. The device is a pure AM receiver and was launched in the 60s as low price product. At that time it was the main attraction of a stylish youngster’s flat. Due to its design the Hornyetta is especially preferred in radio collector circles, but since no FM reception is possible its everyday usability is very limited. Due to this fact we replace the old technology of the Hornyetta with new electronics. The radio can then be used as a Bluetooth speaker. Of course, the Hornyetta can be controlled directly by its knobs or remotely via smartphone, tablet or laptop. The original speaker is retained, as it forms a great, well-balanced sound-body with the radio’s cabinet. In terms of its design, dimensions and technical features, the Hornyetta is still a great deal that fits very well in any kitchen or bedroom.

  • Resound package “Sonic”
  • Cabinet perfectly restored (W/H/D: 24cm/17cm/15cm)
  • Old electronic circuits are replaced by brand new technology
  • Functions: on / off + volume remote controlled. No FM radio.
  • Bluetooth audio receiver