Transforming old into new! Your favorite vintageradio will get a brand-new engine: the patina shines more beautifully and by integrating the latest technology you can comfortably use your new, old radio e.g. from your smartphone or tablet – the ultimate sound experience is guaranteed.

  • Old electron tubes are replaced by brand new technology
  • Cleaning & removal of optical damages
  • Design is reworked (optional)
  • Functions: on / off + volume control. No FM radio.
  • Airplay-, Bluetooth-interface or DAB-receiver
  • Active sub-woofer (optional)

RESOUND-SONIC is available from 590EUR. Find your favorite radio in our webshop!


Beautiful as never before, with the sound of former times! We are producing the original tube sound and combining the unit for the extra kick with an active subwoofer. If requested we are adding new design elements to your favorite vintageradio. By using state-of-the-art technology, you can comfortably control your device, e.g. from the smartphone, tablet, etc., while indulging in the genuine sound of the 50s, 60s and 70s.

  • Electron tube circuits are revised according new standards
  • Cleaning & removal of optical damages
  • Design is reworked (optional)
  • Full functionality as at the time of initial purchase
  • Airplay-, Bluetooth-interface or DAB-receiver
  • Active sub-woofer is included

RESOUND-SUERSONIC is available from 1790EUR. Find your favorite radio which can be modified according to your personal preferences in our showroom!


No sound just noise? Don’t worry! Supersonic is here for you!
With the tailor-made vintageradio overhaul, our experts bring your beloved vintage radio back in shape and listening to your favorite radio show becomes a pleasure again. Depending of the model and on the condition of your radio we give your darling a second spring with a budget starting as little as 690EUR. Don’t hesitate to contact us, because inspecting your radio and providing an individual quotation based on the needs of your radio is for free. This is Supersonic service, because our customer is king!
As part of the overhaul, your vintageradio is completely disassembled and defective components like burned out electron tubes or leaky capacitors are replaced. All controls are cleaned and the cabinet is polished to the crowning finale. Your oldie will appreciate the Supersonic treatment and will entertain you for many more years to come.

  • Cleaning
  • Replacement of damaged electronic parts
  • Treatment of corroded contacts
  • Inspection of operational safety
  • Polish of the cabinet

Give your darling a second spring with a budget starting as little as 690EUR! Arrange your appointment for personal radio-service.


We bring back your CRT TV by carefully restoring the original tube technology. By adding a HDMI interface to the set it can be easily combined with your streamer (such as Apple TV), Blu-ray player or satellite receiver. Believe it or not – the contrast and brilliance of a CRT picture tube from the 50s are still impressive today and watching your film icon of the past on a Vintage-TV of this time is an unforgettable experience.

  • Design & patina remain intact
  • Cleaning & removal of damages
  • Complete overhaul of electronics
  • Testing & regeneration of CRT picture tube
  • Full functionality as at the time of initial purchase
  • HDMI Interface for combination with state of the art video sources

Are you interested in restoring or buying a vintage CRT TV? Please contact us at to get your personal offer.


We take care of the radio of your beloved classic car. Whether it is a Becker, Blaupunkt or Autovox – depending on the type and condition, we restore the original technology or replace it with the latest microelectronics. In both cases, you can stream your favorite music directly from your mobile phone to the car stereo via an integrated Bluetooth interface. Additionally we remove optical damages by carefully restoring or replacing decorative elements.

  • Complete cleaning of the device
  • Overhaul or replacement of electronics
  • Restauration of optical damages
  • Integration of a Bluetooth interface (option)

Give the car stereo of your oldimer a new life with a budget starting as little as 590EUR! Arrange an appointment for your personal offer.


The 70s and 80s were the age of unique HIFI systems. Glorious names such as Pioneer, Marantz and Sansui dominated this era. At that time, the weight of equipment was a direct measure of its sound quality. From the vinyl player to the loudspeaker, we are committed to preserving these HiFi icons. We are the vintage HiFi professionals – regardless of whether you want to revive your existing equipment or want to enter the world vintage HiFi systems.

  • Complete cleaning of the device
  • Complete overhaul of the electronics
  • Full functionality as at the time of initial purchase
  • Integration of a Bluetooth- or Airplay-Interface

Please contact us at to get your personal offer.


We combine the warm sound of your beloved FM tube-radio with the digital radio world!

To do this, we expand your tube-radio with an ultra-compact, external DAB-receiver. The digital radio-station of your choice is selected on the DAB-receiver and can be received with your tube-radio like any other analogue FM radio-station.

  • Ultra-compact, external DAB receiver
  • Digital radio station is selected on the DAB receiver
  • FM transmission frequency freely selectable
  • Excellent sound quality

Please contact us at to get your personal offer.

Premium music-furniture

Back to the Future! The Supersonic flagship has arrived from the golden music-furniture era of the last century and sets completely new standards.

This hand-made genuine product and timeless design has a high-end sound quality that blends into over the top art work.

  • Handmade, customizable media center
  • Exclusive genuine leather upholstery
  • Interchangeable, integrated media player (e.g. Apple TV)
  • Integrated interfaces: Airplay, Bluetooth, USB, SMART TV
  • Smartphone charging station
  • High-end electron tubes
  • Symmetrical hybrid power amplifier with 324 watt sine power
  • 24Bit Digital Analog Converter

Find more detailed information about Supersonic’s SS1000 media-center in our product-folder.


Supersonic was founded by an electrical engineer Richard Sbuell. We produce HIFI equipment that embody our emotions and our love for craftsmanship. The Supersonic concept is directed against the fast-paced and disposable culture of mass production. We ourselves are music enthusiasts with a high demand for design, functionality and sound quality and direct our products to all people who feel the same.

Supersonic uses only the highest quality materials, which are elaborately adapted to the products. In order to ensure a perfectly balanced sound experience, the electronics are also developed in-house and integrated into our devices by hand.

Want to get to know Supersonic? Please contact us at to get your personal offer.

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